Is it safe for my teen to drive another teen?

New research from the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety has found that the risk of teen driver fatality alarmingly quadruples when young passengers (21 years old or less) are present in the car.

With each additional young passenger inside the vehicle, the fatality risk of a 16- or 17-year-old driver per mile driven drastically increases. The likelihood of death:
• Increases by 44% with one young passenger (and no older passengers)
• Doubles with two young passengers (and no older passengers)
• Quadruples with three or more young passengers (and no older passengers)

By contrast, the presence of at least one passenger who is 35 years old or older radically decreases the fatality risk of the teen driver by 62% and the risk of a police-reported crash by 46%. Parents evidently have a great impact on their teens’ quality of driving.

Passengers have always been known to be a greater risk when it comes to auto fatalities, and there have been many changes regarding the restriction of passengers within a car when a teen is driving. However, AAA’s study results are frightening.

In order to prevent the chances of a fatal car crash, parents are encouraged to spend more time with their teen when they’re driving in order to protect them. AAA lists several strategies that parents can use to improve their children’s safety.

The lives of teens may be at risk, but always remember that parents can lessen the risk by giving their children’s driving more parental attention.


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