11 Ways To Know You're Wife Material

You have equal amounts of love.

"Love and attraction are the only factors at play. No, I'm not talking about the perfect romantic relationship;

I'm talking about the sort of love where you care for someone so much that even in the middle of an argument when you're furious, you still make sure they bring an umbrella to work because it might rain.

Marriage material is someone who loves you that much in equal measure and is willing to take the risk of suffering a sex-related hip fracture when you are both in your 70s.

You have insatiable intellectual curiosity.

"In essence, I'm looking for someone who will both stretch and complete me. I don't want a supporter, a sycophant, or an enemy. The perfect woman will be aware of my skills and flaws and will take advantage of them to strengthen me rather than harm me.

She would also have large breasts and an intense appetite for knowledge. But in all seriousness, I don't think we need to find the ideal partner in order to be eligible for marriage. For sure, I don't. I only require that somebody who considers the idea of being with anyone else to be utterly absurd."

You have no reservations about who you are.

"Complete acceptance of who you are, flaws and all."

You enjoy laughing.

"A humorous sense. If I were to desire to marry a lady, that is the most crucial quality she can possess. Of course, I would want her to be someone I could live my life with and that is kind, sincere, adventurous, and has a good sense of humour. A lasting friendship is created by sharing joy and love.

You can cook.

"I'm aware that this will sound sexist, but it isn't. I vowed. That being said, a woman who can cook and cooks well—like a French pastry type well—is for me bride material.

I can't cook to save my life, but I love to eat, so it's not that I want her in the kitchen. We can't lose if her passion is cooking and mine is food.

I'd like to reiterate that I'm not succumbing to gender norms in this. Eating and cooking together is seductive. I suppose I'm just your average George Costanza.

You challenge him.

"She needs to push me to be my best selves. My primary qualification is that. Additionally, I can't wed a person who isn't funny.

You show affection.

"Based on my observations of my parents' marriage, I don't believe my father gave my mother the emotional support she need. They quarrelled far too frequently, and I never once witnessed them displaying any form of affection for one another.

Because of this, I want to spend the rest of my life with a lady who is affectionate and loving. I never want my children to wonder, like I did, why mom and dad never gave them hugs, kisses, or cuddles. They need to understand that we love each other and that they are the product of that love.

You have your own life.

"In my opinion, the coolest lady to marry is one that has her own life. And when I say "her own life," I mean her own job, her own circle of friends, her own sense of independence, her own aspirations, etc.

and a collection of at least 20 of her own vinyl records. By the way, it would be reasonable for a woman to seek this as well in a future husband.

You wouldn't dream of embarrassing him in public.

She doesn't generally punch you in public, but especially in front of your buddies. With chops? Okay. Disagree? Sure. Argue? Maybe. However, if she's a good candidate for marriage, she'll keep anything humiliating or offensive private.

You love him despite his past mistakes.

"I know this is cliche, but for me, a wife is someone who accepts the worst aspects of me and loves all of my mistakes. I've had my share of regrets and made a lot of mistakes along the road, so if she can accept that and not hold it against me, I'd say she's "marriage material."

You are thoughtful.

"Making our bed after a sleepover or performing the "thanks, but we'll pay" dance are also examples of "wife material" signs. Even though it's so straightforward, it demonstrates a degree of decency that you don't always see in others who might feel overly entitled to your chivalry."

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