3 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Third-Wheel

1.) Gemini

Due to the "twin factor," Gemini would have no issue acting as the third wheel. They don't mind occasionally changing the vibe, claims Stardust. They are regarded as the social chameleons of the zodiac and are adept at adjusting to any circumstance.

They'll find a way to have fun and tease their best friend a little if they're third wheeling on their date. Geminis are known to have a little bit of a naughty side, after all.

2.) Virgo

Virgo, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury, therefore they frequently succeed in a variety of social settings, including those where they are the third wheel. They will be content with the fact that they are more likely to end up being the third wheel than to arrange a date for themselves.

Virgos are rather flexible until they aren't, as Stardust observes. They normally get along with everyone, but you really have to press a changeable sign to make them go away.

Virgos are very sensitive to the needs of others because their sign is centred around giving. Virgo will leave without making a big deal if it appears that the couple needs some alone time.

3.) Sagittarius

Of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius is probably the one who engages in third-wheeling the most. Stardust claims that archers are always up for hanging out and having a good time.

They'll probably overhear their friends discussing a new film or a restaurant they want to try, and Sag will probably take the initiative and arrange a date for the three of them.

They don't feel intimidated by the third wheel dynamic since they are independent, the speaker claims. "They only want to enjoy life and whatever they have to offer."

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