3 Zodiac Signs Are The Best At Setting Boundaries

1.) Taurus

Comfort-driven Taurus doesn't have any trouble expressing their preference for a quiet evening alone over a wild night out. Additionally, they are self-aware and won't be afraid to speak up when someone crosses the line.

Antila explains that "these steady souls are the most patient people and rarely let other people disturb their serene vibe." But they have no trouble cutting someone off if they start to irritate them.

2.) Scorpio

Scorpios are renowned for having deadly pincers and a hard exterior that shields their soft inside. Pluto, the planet of taboo and secrets, rules Scorpio, thus it seems sense that they would keep their security extremely high to safeguard their privacy.

"When it comes to setting boundaries, Scorpios win. They reject any bullsh*t and are the most binary of all the signs, according to Antila. They are all about protecting oneself and excluding others as necessary.

3.) Aquarius

As the zodiac's fixed air sign, Aquarius zodiac signs take their personal space seriously and don't frequently give intruders a second opportunity. Saturn, the planet that traditionally rules Aquarius, is the planet that governs constraints and boundaries.

"The zodiac's water bearers are among of the most reclusive individuals. They are renowned for ghosting those who wrong them, according to Antila.

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