4 Zodiac Signs Who Hate Being The Center Of Attention

1.) Cancer

Cancers are renowned for the protective shell they retreat to. Consider the fact that Caners are ruled by the moon, the planet responsible for our private lives and emotions, if that isn't enough proof that they detest the limelight.

Since Cancers are Capricorn's opposite sign on the zodiac wheel, they contrast Capricorn's desire for public prominence. According to Ater, "cancers are natural nurturers and feel more at ease taking care of other people's needs rather than having all the attention on themselves."

2.) Virgo

Over-thinking Virgos frequently keep things to themselves. You can think of the practical earth signs as the stage directors and editors, despite the fact that their type-A personalities may seem to command the spotlight.

When it comes to organisation and specifics, they excel. The sun governs Virgo's private 12th house, according to Ater. Your subconscious self being exposed to the sun "may imply a longing for privacy," she adds.

3.) Scorpio

Scorpio's deadly pincer serves to keep out anything or anybody that poses a security concern. Because the passionate water sign is frequently referred to as the dark horse and is ruled by Pluto, the planet of secrets, murder mysteries, and black magic, they purposefully avoid the spotlight.

In their professional lives, they frequently don't mind standing out as a leader, but in their personal lives, they could avoid the spotlight because they treasure their solitude, according to Ater.

4.) Aquarius

An Aquarius enjoys being at the forefront of a revolution, but they prefer to work in the background. They adopt the lone wolf persona since they are the outcast of the zodiac. Aquarius is opposed by the sun.

The effervescent exuberance of the sun is essentially banished here, giving Aquarius their reputation as an icy queen. As humanitarians, Ater argues, "Aquarians like to have attention focused on the collective versus oneself."

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