4 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Listeners

1.) Taurus

Because Venus is its ruling planet, Taurus is renowned for being materialistic. They do, however, have enormous hearts and are incredibly kind to people in need. Because of this, according to Berry, Taurus is one of the sign's best listeners.

They don't like to see people go through pain, whether it's physical or mental, she claims. This earth sign will exert every effort to resolve conflicts amicably, especially for people who are close to them.

2.) Cancer

Cancer is one of the finest listeners of all the zodiac signs, if not the best. Berry claims that the crab of the zodiac is particularly compassionate, forgiving, and consoling. They are also natural healers who, more than anyone else, "understand the human heart."

According to her, "This loving water sign has the desire to assist because it would go against their nature to not devote their time and energy to individuals they care about." They pay close attention to what other people require at all times.

3.) Virgo

In astrology, Virgo is connected to the sixth house, which is all about service. As a result, Virgos want to be helpful to others, which makes them excellent listeners.

Virgo is always prepared to lend a helping hand, whether it's offering psychological support to a friend who recently experienced a heartbreak or practical assistance to a family member who struggles to manage on their own.

According to Berry, "This grounded and practical earth sign can multi-task and handle numerous circumstances at once with elegance and ease." When needed, they will always be there to listen.

4.) Libra

You should consult a Libra if you want a fair assessment. Since they are symbolised by the scales, you can use them to compare the advantages and disadvantages of any circumstance.

They also have the innate capacity to observe every angle of a situation, which can aid in your ability to adopt various viewpoints.

Being an air sign and being influenced by the planet Venus, Berry explains, "they can be very attentive listeners and inventive in the ways they serve others."

Their idealistic nature encourages them to want to help and listen in any way they can, particularly when it comes to relationships that are important to them.

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