5 Benefits Of Being Best Friends Before Dating

1.) He knows about your previous relationships.

He is fully aware of your past relationships and will never commit the same errors they made, such as forgetting your birthday or consuming all of the fries on your plate.

The same goes for his ex-wives and what he didn't like about them. comparable to nibbling his lip while you make out or sending him a thousand texts per day.

2.) He is aware of you.

Dating your best friend entails being aware of each other's flaws, problems, baggage, and hang-ups and being good with it all. Nothing strange or unwelcome here.

Because it drives you crazy, he will always remember to lower the toilet seat. He will also contact you if he is running late so you won't worry that he is lying on the side of the road somewhere.

And you won't ever bring up his jerk of a cousin who, when he was ten years old, stole his baseball cards.

3.) You know how to make each other laugh

When everyone else in the room is staring at you like you're crazy, you and your partner laugh at all those corny inside jokes. You do have it, yes.

4.) He is aware of your preferences.

Even though this is only your first date, he is aware enough of your allergies to shellfish and your legitimate fear of scary movies to know not to take you to watch "Scream 300" or take you out for sushi.

Since you have been preparing for this occasion for a while, you might even feel eager about going on a first date for once.

Despite the fact that you both feel really relaxed and at ease since you know one other so well, there is still a tonne to learn as your relationship develops and evolves to a new level.

5.) He's your best friend

Anyone would want to wed their best buddy, right? The best of both worlds are present. Once more, should I stop now or continue to make my point? So, if you're seeking love, turn to the one who has always stood by your side and take a chance.

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