Cute Winter Date Ideas, Straight From Relationship Experts

1.) Take A Cooking Class

Consider signing up for a cooking class together if you want to really heat things up. According to Damona Hoffman, certified dating coach and presenter of The Dates and Mates Podcast, "you'll learn how to communicate better and collaborate—plus, you'll have no dishes to clean afterwards."

2) Hit Up A Jazz Club

If you and your partner appreciate live music, a warm local venue can be the perfect place to get out of the weather and spend a straightforward yet special date night.

According to Ouimet, listening to music is usually a great and simple date-night activity that doesn't take much before planning. "I suggest taking your crush to a classy jazz club where you can enjoy a good bottle of wine while taking in live music." Finding one with a fireplace inside earns extra points.

3.) Create a snowman

A traditional outdoor winter activity is a sure bet. For a goofy and romantic date, practise your artistic abilities and collaboration skills by helping your significant other make a snowman. Pro tip: After that, stay warm inside with a hot toddy and some cuddling.

4.) View Some Light Shows

Even though the holidays have passed, there are probably still some light shows you may see around town.

Walk or drive around your neighbourhood while you reflect on the enjoyable celebrations you shared during the season. Hoffman advises checking to see if the zoo or botanical garden where you live puts on a holiday light show.

5.) Try A Holiday Pop-Up Bar

Take advantage of the fact that holiday pop-up bars and restaurants are currently very popular and look for a creative cocktail bar to try together.

Nothing compares to a sexy espresso martini with your new love, according to Ouimet. Additionally, their photogenic decor could serve as a superb justification for a soft (or hard) launch.

6.) Have a Indoor Picnic

Hoffman suggests creating a delicious picnic for yourselves indoors if it's too freezing to spend the evening outside as a straightforward yet original winter date idea.

She tells Bustle that while it is romantic outside, it transforms into something new and adorable when done inside. Spread out a comfortable blanket, pack a picnic, and perhaps engage in a game of "never have I ever" beside the fire.

7.) GO Sledding

Spending a day engaging in a winter activity you enjoyed as a child can make anyone smile, regardless of whether you were raised in the snow or are only now getting to experience it as an adult.

According to Hoffman, "doing an activity that evokes reminiscence is bonding for couples and can generate a strong sense of connection."

8.) Set Goals for the New Year.

Work together with your sweetie to create a list of New Year's resolutions for your relationship to add a unique twist to the customary annual list.

This year, do you intend to visit a certain location? Or maybe you two want to live together? Make it happen as a couple by putting it all in writing.

9.) Experience Wine Tasting

Ouimet proposes taking a road trip with your significant other that includes a wine tasting in a different town instead of staying in town for a few days.

She claims that renting a cabin for the weekend with your crush has a homey, intimate feel to it. She advises purchasing a wine tasting kit for a romantic evening at home if you are unable to travel.

10.) Go Ice Skating

Winter provides many opportunity to change up the typical date scenarios and try something new.

A good dinner is a terrific date night, but Ouimet adds that engaging in activities together also reveals more about the other person and their interpersonal skills. Even if your significant other needs to rescue you repeatedly off the ice, you are still creating memories together.

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