Dec. 29: Taurus Should Donate Jaggery, Aries Can Find A New Job

Lucky color- Golden


may land a new position. Education will advance. By the evening, money will be made. Give yellow candies.

Lucky color- Green


Better health will result. After noon, stress levels will drop. Never debate anyone. Donate jaggery and wheat.

Lucky color- Maroon


Avoid arguing with your relatives. possible financial loss Finish crucial tasks on time. Give rice.

Lucky color- Golden


Keep your necessities close by. Watch your mother's health carefully. Might take a quick trip until the evening.

Lucky color- Carrot


Don't let small things enrage you. When you go to the office, you'll hear some wonderful news. The home will have a more pleasant atmosphere than it did before.

Lucky color- Black


Business will be profitable. Students must concentrate on their coursework. The financial situation will improve.

Lucky color- Ocher


Always have the appropriate thoughts in mind. Avoid getting into a disagreement with anyone at the office. Education will profit from this. Give raw milk.

Lucky color- Red


The family will enjoy affluence. Business will be profitable. Learning barriers will be removed. Give red candies.

Lucky color- Yellow


will like the company of children. After noon, the day will become chaotic. Avoid getting into a debate. Apply a tilak of turmeric.

Lucky color- Brown


Family disputes will be resolved. Don't worry about the small details. I'll get a job. I have to give sweets.

Lucky color- White


It won't be a problem for traders. Never lend anyone money. Eat nothing after sundown. Give a banana.

Lucky color- Maroon


There may be discussion in the home. could require travel. The mind's problems will be resolved. Give yellow things.

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