Horoscope Dec. 30: Leo Must Respect Elders, Aries Must Help The Needy

Lucky color- Yellow


Have a wonderful day. Aid those in need. will recover the delayed funds. Study the Hanuman Chalisa.

Lucky color- Pink


will have a life mate to assist them. Married life will become less bitter. Arrive at work on time. Give away white stuff.

Lucky color- Sky Blue 


Honor your seniors. Never lend anyone money. perhaps leave for some crucial work. Chant the Shri Sukta.

Lucky color- Orange


The hour is favourable after midday. Sign documents carefully. receive the help of close friends and family. Study Shivastik.

Lucky color- Sky Blue 


honour your elders. Never lend anyone money. A disagreement with the spouse is inevitable. Study the Suryashtaka.

Lucky color- Ocher


Students must concentrate on their coursework. Will travel with a life partner. Don't argue with the people you love. Consult Durgastuti.

Lucky color- White


Do not engage in unwarranted debate with anyone. Assist a family member who is in need. Arrive home promptly. Say the Vishnu Sahastranam aloud.

Lucky color- Red


Till evening, the time is not on your side. Never lend anyone money. Avoid engaging in a debate with anyone at your place of employment. Say Bajrang Baan aloud.

Lucky color- Golden


Avoid getting enmeshed in a friend's past problems. When a friend needs it, help them. Up until midday, the headache would persist. Say the Vishnu Chalisa aloud.

Lucky color- Sky Blue


Respect the younger generation. Wait until midday to do any vital tasks. Work on the project will advance. Say the Shani Chalisa aloud.

Lucky color- Ocher


Important work will no longer be disrupted. There will be money trapped in business found. Honor your parents. venerate Lord Shiva.

Lucky color- Brown


Give your master a few gifts. will have a life mate to assist them. might misplace some valuables. reverence for Lord Lakshminarayan

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