How to Stop Being Toxic

You've evaluated yourself, much to your dismay, and come to the conclusion that you are toxic and that you need to take action.

The most crucial step in removing toxicity is to change your behaviour, and you may do this in a number of ways.

First, realise that behaviour is modifiable. Being toxic alone does not automatically make someone nasty. It just implies that you must be conscious and take action to improve.

The next step is to practise new behaviours until they become habitual because you now know exactly what behaviours make you toxic. Keep a log of your interactions so you can look back on them later.

People you trust should be asked for their thoughts, and you should regard them as valid. Since they are the ones who are experiencing you, they can provide the most useful feedback. Be careful not to threaten or penalise them for being open.

Reach out to a qualified mental health professional for resources that can help you create beautiful connections if you're still having trouble becoming a better person.

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