How To Tell You're A Perfect Match, Per Astrology

Venus trines or conjuncts the Sun.

I can always tell when two people have this quality in common that they will at the very least find each other to be highly attractive. Particularly the Venus personality views the Sun personality as flawless when they observe their brilliance. I'm serious.

Venus represents things that we find alluring, both physically and generally speaking. You may understand why this could signify sincere love given that the Sun represents a person's fundamental essence and personality.

Moon-Moon conjunction

One of the most harmonic synastry features is this one. The moon represents our inner selves and emotions. Therefore, it is safe to assume that two people have a better possibility of forming a deeper tie when they can communicate on this level.

In general, they have the same needs for emotional fulfilment and are able to understand the perspectives of others. They are able to empathise and even sympathise with one another with ease, creating a strong emotional foundation.

Sun-Moon Conjunction

This pairing is traditional. The Moon observes all that is admirable and positive about the Sun. And the Moon feels like it is giving the Sun a lot of help. Naturally, this might lead to the blossoming of true love.

These two individuals frequently seem to be travelling the same route in general. And they virtually always have their gaze focused in the same place. A wise person once said that two persons looking in the same direction make a successful marriage.

Moon-Jupiter conjunction

This is not a conventional romantic feature. The great thing about this, though, is that these two just naturally put each other at ease and even smile.

Particularly the Jupiter individual can really raise the Moon's spirits to the point where she is bound to experience the magic of love.

Nearly all astrologers view this as a beneficial quality. So, yeah, this might be a sign of deep love.

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