January 2023's romantic days: Zodiac Sign

Wednesday, January 18th

Today in Capricorn, Mercury makes its first direct turn of the year. Mercury retrograde is a good opportunity to reflect on the past and make decisions that are more in line with your needs.

You evaluate the stability of your plans and the potential of your partnership in Capricorn. You have had time to reflect and make adjustments when Mercury turns direct, so it is now time to put your plans into action.

20th of January, Friday

Today marks the start of Aquarius Season as the Sun enters Aquarius. It's a good idea to listen to your inner guidance throughout the Aquarius season when you consider what you want and need in a relationship.

For what it stands for, Aquarius will go to any extent, and it may even deliberately try to do things differently in order to stand out. It's crucial to acknowledge your partner's unique qualities throughout this zodiac season so they know you truly appreciate them.

Use this time of year to schedule some impromptu dates or quality time with your loved ones. Pay attention to what makes you and your relationship special and what makes you who you truly are.

21st of January, Saturday

A great sign that deep transformation is taking place within you and your relationship is the new moon in Aquarius. Aquarius has the ability to step back from a situation's heightened emotionality and see things for what they truly are.

Aquarius has the ability to step back from a situation's heightened emotionality and see things for what they truly are. Around this moon, chances for more thorough healing and forgiveness should present themselves.

Even though the New Year will already be well underway at this point, it appears that you are still dragging or bearing some weight that is harming your relationship prospects. You can clear the road forward in a fresh and fascinating way thanks to this lunation's conjunction with bountiful Jupiter and transformational Pluto.

22 January, Sunday

Uranus, the planet famed for unexpected and amazing occurrences, moves direct into Taurus. Since August of 2022, this planet has been retrograding, assisting you in realising where you still feel constrained in your life and what changes you would make if you knew for sure that you would succeed.

While Uranus retrograde is a great time to think about the changes you want to make, it rarely works out well to do so. This relates to the Mars phase, which concluded earlier this month as well.

As January goes on and Uranus finally turns direct, it signals that nothing is stopping you from making changes in your romantic life any longer. Previously, you felt that the cosmos was preventing or restricting you from doing so.

January 2nd, Monday

Venus, the planet of love, enters the air sign of Aquarius at the beginning of the year, bringing with it a brand-new passionate vigour. The renegade of the zodiac, Aquarius prefers to create their own rules for both love and life.

You'll be moving in the direction of your relationship's true north thanks to this energy. It might be away from something you can no longer trick yourself into believing in or toward what feels like true love at first sight.

Air signs enjoy talking, so this month's focus on communication is ideal for creating plans and deciding where you want to take your partnership both this month and in the coming year.

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