More Confident, High Self-Esteem & Feel Secure In Your Relationships

If you want to sleep, meditate.

This step not only helps you with any sleep issues brought on by your insecurities, but it also allows you to clear your head and de-stress from an anxious condition.

You may download a number of applications to your phone to help you stay centred, but it may take some getting used to (I personally love Headspace and HappyNotPerfect).

If that's what you're picturing, it's not all odd breathing exercises and ASMR chants. In particular, HappyNotPerfect is engaging and entertaining. It enables you to jot down and "burn" your issues, remind yourself of the positives, and even complete mini-art projects, games, and challenges.

It will eventually assist you in remembering to keep your thoughts positive and mindful throughout the day. Distraction? Maybe. Over time, though, you'll discover that you're more at ease inside your own thoughts.

Discuss your insecurities with your partner.

It's crucial to express your emotions rather than hold them inside, especially if they are having an impact on your relationship. If you don't express your feelings, they can become out of control and you might lash out at your significant other in an inappropriate way.

He or she might make subtle moves that keep you feeling unloved or flawed without you even realising it if they are blissfully unaware of your self-deprecating ideas. For instance, your significant other might laugh about your eccentricities even though it makes you feel embarrassed.

If they are aware of your insecurity issues, they are more likely to make an effort to pull you up and keep themselves in check, providing you the extra push you might need.

Get out of the relationship if it's the cause of your insecurities. Do whatever is necessary to get rid of a poisonous partner from your life.

Remember that you deserve someone who makes you feel special and cherished if they don't make you feel those things when you're together (if this is the case, your friends have likely noticed it first).

Make a list of your strongest traits.

This serves as both a brainstorming exercise and (in the future) a reminder of your value on the days when you don't feel quite up to par. You could use a slip of paper and carry it about in your pocket, but I keep mine in my phone notes.

Write down everything, even your best achievements, that reminds you of the things you love most about yourself, from "I have a cute nose" to "I am ambitious in my job path."

If you have it close at hand, you can add to it whenever you think of something new or if you receive compliments that you want to remember. You might also include brief summaries of events during the day that gave you a pleasant, fuzzy feeling.

Then, simply consult the list whenever you're experiencing low spirits or insecurity. You can count on it to at least slightly enhance your self-confidence, and sometimes that's all you need.

Engage in your favourite pastimes (or try something new).

This is a fantastic technique to always remind yourself that life is about more than what people may think of you (or whichever aspect of life has got your insecurity flaring, like work).

Additionally, it will provide you a way to spend your time apart from mindlessly going through the motions. If you put your time and effort into something you enjoy, you'll eventually excel at it or produce something you're happy of.

You may find the sense of fulfilment you've been looking for in this, and it will also keep you busy and prevent thoughts of worthlessness.

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