Most Hated Zodiac Sign


Taurus is the zodiac sign with the most stubbornness, and if you know anything about them, it's that. Taurus makes our list because of this trait." Ruled by the arrogant Venus...

When forced out of their comfort zones, Taureans can become cranky and lack the spontaneity of many other signs "explains Mysticsense astrologer Rachel Clare.

But it's crucial to keep in mind that this behaviour isn't necessarily malicious. Clare observes that Taureans are inherently comfort-seekers and value their alone time.

It is therefore likely just their need for solitude and serenity if you see that they aren't enjoying themselves at your party or seem to never want to do anything fun.


Although being a perfectionist can be difficult, it's the fact that Virgos demand that everyone else live up to their standards that makes people dislike them." Virgos aren't afraid to be harsh.

They are picky and harsh, "says Lisa Barretta, a writer and astrologer. Before they spout their alleged remedial critique, "you can just sense them silently evaluating everything that is wrong with you." And don't even consider criticising them back.

According to Clare, a lot of this criticism stems from their own fears and inadequacies. "As a changeable overthinking sign... They frequently project their own problems onto others, which makes them, at their worst, jaded and frigid."


Aries is the zodiac sign with the worst temper and the worst propensity of hogging all the limelight because they are ruled by Mars, the fiery planet; not exactly a likeable combo.

According to Danelle Ferreira, astrology content editor at Svana Design, "they can be rather unpredictable and anything can set them off, making others feel like they are walking on eggshells around them."

And if you try to outdo them, Barretta predicts that "they will have no trouble tripping you up." However, some people avoid Aries out of animosity rather than concern about their hostility.

According to Clare, "They also seem appealing, entertaining, and spontaneous, which, when coupled with their blatant aggressiveness, can frequently lead to jealousy."


Geminis, the twin sign, can be thought of as having two faces, according to Ferreira. They have a dual character that makes them curious about all sides of an issue, which frequently causes their loved ones to believe they are supporting the opposition.

The mutable sign of Gemini's "airy and flighty nature can also give the impression that they are unpredictable," says Clare. Even while they may have your back, you might not feel comfortable placing your trust in them.

This extremely gregarious sign also enjoys gossip and will exploit any juicy details as conversation starters. Barretta agrees, saying "They will repeat everything you said and it's usually to the people you least want to know your biz." Keep your innermost thoughts to yourself.


Leos may be the life of the party, but some people don't like their too extroverted behaviour. Although they can be a lot of fun, really? Is their drama something we constantly need?" asks Barretta.

Beyond being narcissistic, they "have a knack of making everything about them." This is particularly true if they are not the centre of attention. Clare concurs and notes that they have a lot of enemies because of their attention-seeking behaviour.

The fiery, brazen nature of Leo, which is ruled by Mars, can come across to some as arrogant and ostentatious. They will gladly walk on toes to be the life and spirit of the party, which is something they continually aspire to be. You might be able to endure them better than others if you're okay with giving this indicator a back seat.

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