Most Insecure & Most Confident zodiac signs


Cancers are incredibly sensitive and have a propensity to take everything extremely personally. You lack the inner power you need to be confident when your happiness or sense of self-worth depend on someone else.

Cancer exhibits excessive emotionality, clinginess, and neediness, all of which fall under the category of insecurity. They usually are beautiful, compassionate individuals, so it is a shame that they are so insecure.


Virgos tend to be extremely critical of themselves, which makes them believe that everyone else is doing the same, which can be detrimental to their self-esteem. They always wonder if they're coming across well or if they did something dreadfully awful during a social gathering.

One of the most insecure zodiac signs due to their continual self-evaluation, which erodes the base of their confidence and frequently results in big insecure moments. They don't trust their gut feelings and frequently criticise themselves for imagined errors and shortcomings.


Since Libras don't want any trouble, they must be passionate about something before they will speak up for it. In fact, this is typically the only situation in which Libras can be openly confident.

They desire acceptance, but they are unsure if doing so will come through speaking up for themselves and expressing their thoughts.


Pisces have the tendency to follow directions effortlessly. If they were self-assured and steadfast in their beliefs, they would speak up for themselves and refuse requests when necessary.

Instead, they tend to be less confident and more insecure. However, they have self-assurance when it comes to using their imagination or expressing their creativity. They know when they paint something or snap a picture that it's good and they want to share it.


Capricorns fall somewhere in the middle of the confidence and insecurity spectrum. They are quite confident when working on a project or when there is a problem with their work; yet, when it comes to social or romantic situations, they tend to be more reserved and insecure.

When Capricorns are insecure about their social abilities, they often bury it behind a wall, giving the impression that they are cold or odd.


A Gemini's mood greatly influences how secure or insecure they feel. They may exhibit excessive confidence when socialising with strangers, acting as the perfect host, or forming connections between attendees.

However, when they are in an environment that is outside of their comfort zone, they may have second thoughts about their skills and feel uneasy and uneasy. They only need to approach every circumstance as a social occasion in order for them to have confidence in their capacity to overcome it.

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