Most Successful People Turn Anxiety Into Productivity

Transform your fear into anticipation.

People who experience anxiety typically strive to relax down. However, thinking on anxiety as a more positive emotion, such as joy, is the greatest way to turn it into productivity.

A study from the Harvard Business School found that those who transform their fear and agitation into enthusiasm are more effective and competent and perform better than those who strive to maintain their composure in pre-performance scenarios.

Reframing the negative emotion into a more positive one can help you gain the upper hand in such circumstances because both enthusiasm and worry elicit the same feelings of arousal.

When feeling worried, you can do this by simply repeating aloud, "I am excited," to yourself. By employing this simple technique, you may change your emphasis from looking for risks to focusing on and seizing opportunities.

Make personal meditation a regular part of your day.

By meditating, you may train your mind to stay calm, focused, and stress-free. Additionally, it has been shown to lessen the signs of anxiety and sadness. It is thought that regular meditation can have effects similar to those of antidepressants.

You will be able to push the limits of your comfort zone and get back into the game with your new sense of composure. The mindfulness meditation method has been shown to be the most helpful for anxiety out of all the meditation methods.

When used in conjunction with diaphragmatic breathing, this method activates the parasympathetic nerve system, promotes emotional awareness rather than emotional overwhelm, and turns off the body's "fight or flight" reaction.

Make an affirmation and a mantra.

A powerful method for creating a counter-narrative to anxiety-inducing thoughts is mantra chanting. Your own mantra can be made. Take these actions:

What predominates in your mind when you're feeling anxious? Take notes as you pay close attention to them. Create additional rational mantras or affirmations to counteract these prevailing negative beliefs.

For instance, alter "I've come a long way in my life, yet I'm not worthy. I am deserving of all the possibilities, wealth, and incredible experiences I desire." Every day and whenever you are experiencing anxiety, recite these mantras aloud several times with conviction.

Set aside time to voice your concerns.

Every day, business owners, professionals, and employees deal with multiple issues at once. They frequently have a sense of urgency to take care of everything – immediately.

Constant worry about falling behind or losing out leads to stress and anxiety. When you're considering four other tasks, you can't give a task your all. Set out an hour or a few minutes on your calendar to acknowledge your anxieties rather than sabotaging your current task.

With this straightforward approach, you may save time, become more effective, and increase productivity. You're more likely to come up with the finest answers when you admit your anxieties while keeping an open mind.

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