Scatterbrained People Are Basically Geniuses

The cliché of the careless lecturer is largely accurate. You know, the confused professor who can't seem to find his spectacles, even though they are typically perched on top of his head.

Or the type of person who is so preoccupied with coming up with new ideas that she completely misses her metro station. These people are not only expected to be brighter than they appear to be, but they also consistently strike others as more appealing than extremely tidy people. a win-win situation.

It turns out that a person who appears to be unfocused, forgetful, and chaotic is actually brilliant.

Thank God, since I've been afraid to touch anything in my messy room for months. But now I understand that it's just because I'm smarter than all of my friends.

Practical considerations may be overlooked when a person's mind is overloaded with ideas; surprisingly, the scatterbrained brain is operating at great efficiency.

According to a TIME article, you are more clever, creative, and intelligent the more chaotic your brain is. For you to be inspired, your thoughts actually need to be competing with one another.

Innovation would suffer if you could only concentrate on one thought at a time. Steven Johnson writes in his book Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation about how diversifying one's interests can inspire original thinking.

"In a slow multitasking mode, one project dominates attention for several hours or days while the other projects linger in the background.

This paradigm is novel because of that cognitive overlap. The present project can borrow concepts from side initiatives and forge new links. Thinking outside the box is less important than allowing the mind to roam through different boxes.

The mind is forced to attack intellectual obstacles from different perspectives as a result of moving from box to box, or to use tools from one discipline to tackle difficulties from another.

Johnson thinks that those with a tendency to daydream frequently are more creative and adept at solving problems.

One part of the brain can concentrate on an issue while daydreaming while another part of the brain is simultaneously processing new information, forming connections, and creating coping mechanisms.

Your brain is primed for breakthroughs when you've had too much to drink or are just weary. This is because your brain's defences are down and new ideas and solutions can emerge when these conditions exist.

Continue to consider everything. You've just created a method to reach the artichoke's heart without having to first remove all the leaves, so it doesn't matter if you've lost your car keys for the a thousandth time or if you still can't find the remote.

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