Signs a guy is playing with you and make You A Fool

Even if he says he doesn't desire a relationship, you go on dates with him.

You go on your first date with a man who possesses many of the attributes you are looking for.

He lets you know right away that he doesn't want to be in a relationship before starting a fascinating conversation with you. You decide to see where things go because you like him. This is a serious error. You should take a man at his word when he says he doesn't want a relationship and move on.

He flirts with you, but doesn’t ask you out.

This man is such a flirt; you've seen him at work, the gym, or church. He makes an effort to catch your attention. He never asks you out, which is funny. He's always delighted to see you, but that's your clue that he's not genuinely interested because it ends there.

Any man will ask you out if he wants to date you. If he doesn't, something is stopping him, so continue.

He says he’s never been in love.

This one is challenging. Like a moth to a flame, some women are drawn to a man who seems weak and claims he has never been in love. Because you believe he simply hasn't found the proper lady yet, he becomes your "love project" (AKA you).

When he breaks it off, thoughts like this will make you feel dumb. He doesn't want to be in love if he hasn't experienced it and is above 40. Avoid falling for this and simply leave.

He texts, but he is unable to come see you.

Many men enjoy sending texts. However, a man who texts you and says, "Good morning, gorgeous," but doesn't have time to meet you, is likely sending several other women the same thing. The ego boost from contacting a group of single women is hard to describe.

No matter how much fun it is to text him or how "into" you think he is, don't waste your time. If he were sincere, he would meet with you in person.

He’s newly divorced and isn’t ready for anything serious, but wants to "see where things go."

Because he informs you right away that he doesn't want anything serious, this is a tough red flag. But depending on how things turn out, he holds up the prospect of a relationship.

You have the impression that everything might work out because you're such a good catch. You therefore decide to take the risk. Big error! Men are serious when they tell you they aren't serious. You should finish your drink and bid everyone farewell.

You never leave the house despite him bringing "take out" to your home.

Your date recommends ordering takeout and staying home to watch a movie (the old "Netflix and chill" routine). comfy, is that right? However, "booty call" is the man's code for this.

He visits you but never invites you out for a formal dinner date. Why? He's probably in a relationship or married, so he can't risk being seen in public with another woman.

He never schedules dates, so you do.

He agrees to meet you when you phone and ask him to do things. But he never takes the initiative. Is he slack? Maybe, but it's more probable that his motivation—or lack thereof—is to pass the time with you.

Why not spend time with you till he meets a lady he likes more when you're willing to do all the work and he enjoys himself? If you don't want to look silly, don't act as a placeholder. Whatever the reason, get rid of him right away if he doesn't ask you out.

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