Signs of Low Vibrational People

You are a lost soul.

You may be vibrating at low energy if you are unable to move and are trapped in one place. When negativity obscures your perspective, it might be difficult to reach your internal compass.

You suppress your emotions.

You frequently experience feelings of resentment and jealousy. This low vibratory frequency is the root cause of these toxic, bitter emotions.

Despite feeling unwell, your health is unharmed.

You've visited the doctor several times about your chronic weariness and exhaustion. Although there is nothing wrong, you can't seem to get over your fatigue. You are not vibrating well.

You don't have any ambitions or goals.

You don't have any goals you are working toward because you are lost. You are aware that setting goals and dreams is a good idea, but you find it difficult to concentrate and decide what you want.

You merely don't give a damn anymore.

You are not motivated by anything in your life. You're not caring about yourself or anybody else anymore, your house is in disarray, and your self-care is failing.

You're being consumed with guilt.

You keep thinking about the mistakes you've made in the past. Subconsciously, you actively look for things to feel bad about. It represents your low vibration and is a means by which you punish yourself.

For every issue, you have a problem.

The questions that nag at you nonstop have no satisfying answers. Nothing is sufficient. Nothing will go as planned. You believe that change is not possible.

You have a big self-esteem.

Even when it's not, everything is about you. Your primary attention is on yourself and your unique needs, not how your words or actions may impact others.

You always whine.

Nothing suffices for you. You are always finding something wrong with everyone. You are unable to perceive the positive aspects of people and circumstances because of your negative viewpoint.

There are many harmful habits you have.

You have developed a number of harmful behaviours over time. Even though you are completely aware that your vices and actions are wrong, you have no plans to change them. You act as though they don't exist instead.

Argumentative are you.

An argument starts whenever someone communicates their ideas or opinions to you. You can't get along with anyone and have a bad habit of starting pointless arguments. You are the link that binds us all.

You lack physical fitness.

It is simple to see how your external appearance reflects what is happening inside of you. Your vibration is low if you find yourself unable or reluctant to engage in healthy activities.

You never assume the best about someone.

Your thoughts immediately turn to the gutter. You make assumptions about people's motives and miss the chance that they could be being sincere with you.

You're not quick to forget.

You have no concept of forgiveness. You can harbour resentment for all of time. But your hatred affects more than just other people. You have the most difficulty forgiving yourself.

You are a narcissistic attention-seeker.

You are a complete taker and don't engage in reciprocal interactions. You are continually dependent on others for assistance or for resources.

People who are happy annoy you.

It truly gets under your skin to think of someone living life to the fullest joyously. When other people smile or laugh aloud, you wince because you secretly know you are incapable of doing the same.

You're impatient.

You have a very low tolerance for anything that doesn't benefit you. You have a short fuse when it comes to other people and can snap at the slightest perceived slight.

You consider dying.

Your vibration is at its lowest if you ever feel that life is meaningless and that you'd be better off dead. An experienced psychologist needs to intervene right away with this specific symptom.

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