Signs You're a Very Toxic Person

You see kindness as weakness.

Any good deed will be met with punishment when dealing with a toxic individual. People's generosity is interpreted as a sign of their weakness, and if the chance arises, you'll try your hardest to take advantage.

You enjoy making people feel bad.

To appear respectable in front of an audience, you discuss humiliating matters in public rather than luring someone aside for a private talk.

Even if you act like you're laughing, injuring someone in front of others is never funny. People recognise it for the harmful behaviour that it is.

You harbour resentments forever.

Most people can talk things out, come to an understanding, forgive, and forget when they disagree. not you though. Instead, you want to let the individual who wronged you know that you have no plans to let it go.

You are sensitive to criticism.

Everything appears to you as a personal attack. Nobody can give you constructive criticism because they are afraid of the consequences. Nothing is off limits when you go on the attack after feeling slighted.

You dislike people.

You feel a strong sense of jealousy rather than joy when others succeed. In order to make them look inconsequential, you minimise the accomplishments of others.

You make threats against others.

You make it abundantly obvious that crossing you will result in severe consequences. You don't hesitate to threaten anyone who stands in your way.

You don't want to make concessions.

Your life is run like a dictatorship, with no checks on what you say. This should not come as a surprise because it is consistent with your sense of superiority and need to rule over everyone and everything.

You are not to be trusted.

You don't only reveal things that are not your business to disclose, either. You sway with the wind, turning on those who believed you had their best interests at heart. To protect yourself, you'll throw anyone under the bus.

You're quite irritable.

It's challenging to predict your feelings from one second to the next. Due to your inconsistent behaviour, others may have mockingly referred to you as "bipolar" or "all over the place."

You enjoy drama.

Drama provides you energy while it drains others' emotions. Because you require stress and worry to add excitement to your life, you enjoy creating a whirlwind of both.

How to Stop Being Toxic