The Alter Egos Of Each Zodiac Sign

ARIES (The Killer)

The supreme warrior Aries doesn't have to look very far to find their alter ego. Think of Aries' alter ego as being called "The Slayer," as this is who they truly believe they are in every way.

TAURUS (The monster)

Taurus enjoys making you believe that they are the worst badass in town, and the more you try to convince them otherwise, the more firmly they establish their position. When The Beast isn't in the mood for you, it's really difficult to win them over.

GEMINI (The Completion)

What Gemini fantasises accomplishing is precisely what Gemini does not do well. Gemini often fantasises about achieving big things when they engage in grandiose thoughts. ones that, in reality, they fall well short of completing.

CANCER (The Knower of All)

The All-Knowing Alter Ego of Cancer would like you to think that you are in the presence of a higher spiritual intellect, even though that can make it difficult to be around. Funny how much ego can support all that modest illumination.

LEO (Just The Best)

Leo obviously enjoys receiving affection, but in their alternate personality, they are also referred to as "the greatest you'll ever get." Leo enters a room "knowing" that nobody else is interested in them at all.

VIRGO (The Seer)

With this kind of all-knowing, all-seeing mindset, Virgo is able to develop their alter ego in a way that makes them feel superior and slightly smarter than you. They know exactly how the world will end. You old, worn-out fool.

LIBRA (Only Me)

The year's understatement is the humble, charming Libra, who deceives you into thinking that all they are is just simple and pure but, in reality, they are a rage of irrationality and creative originality.

Modest alter ego? Not at all. The whole purpose of a Libra is to make you think they are not exceptional. It's what they do.


Yes. Alter Egosville is exactly like life. Scorpio genuinely thinks they are in charge where it matters. Even worse, they see themselves dressing like barbarians and pillaging villages.

And they have another moniker that fits them well when they unwind and set the alter ego to one side: The Rule. Oh, I've already used that one. The Scorpio way is that.

SAGITTARIUS (The Clever One)

Oy. Following a Sagittarius can get tedious, especially if they've recently done something admirable. These decent people have a propensity to indulge a bit too much in the glory of their charitable acts and artistic achievements.

It would be wonderful, but in order to meet their quota, The Brilliant One must just earn enough accolades each day. They'll then think they're The Brilliant One for real.

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