Universe Warns You To Stay Away From A Toxic Person

Your friends warn you about them.

In general, friends watch out for one another. The universe may be telling you not to go there if your friends think less of him or try to convince you to stay away from him. Consider listening to what your friends have to say.

Every time you try to spend time with them, a bad thing happens shortly after.

The occurrence could be a coincidence or it could be anything more. You might not realise it until the bullet you might be avoiding is actually avoided. Do you really want to take a chance in either case?

Your habits get worse the more you hang out with them.

Sometimes, the world subtly reveals to us through our own actions the warning signals of a toxic relationship and that someone is not good for us.

Do you experience bullying more frequently now? Do you find yourself putting up with things you wouldn't typically accept? That might be the world's way of telling you to give up on him.

If you enjoy spending time with them, you may have the impression that your union is merely transitory.

Have you ever had a relationship that, despite all signs to the contrary, you just knew wasn't meant to last? It's a strange, bothersome feeling to have, but because it's so widespread, it's difficult to genuinely ignore it.

In reality, you're typically better off listening to it than waiting for the vibe to pass.

When you are with the person, you occasionally hear or see hints of miserable relationships or single life.

Sometimes, it may be a news article about a wife who was murdered by her husband. Sometimes you can find it on the home page of your preferred dating website.

Whatever it is, there seem to be several cautions to avoid dating while you're around him.

You're strangely exhausted after speaking with him.

It's safe to suggest you should avoid him if your dealings with him make you feel exhausted, depressed, or otherwise down. Your body is telling you "NO BUENO" by doing that.

You feel pressured into every interaction you have with the person.

The majority of the unhealthy people we surround themselves with do so because it would be "rude" or morally incorrect to avoid them.

You should tell individuals to kick rocks if you feel like they are attempting to impose themselves on you since, in most cases, these are not the kind of people you want in your life.

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