Your Favorite Lipstick Color Says About Your Personality

vibrant oranges and reds

If this is your "go-to" hue, it indicates that you are imaginative, fearless, daring, passionate, and self-assured enough to stroll around in a stand-out shade. Because of your ambition and courage, you won't allow convention stand in your way.

Perfect pink

This colour makes it clear to everyone that you are outgoing, gregarious, bubbly, and friendly.

People find you to be beautiful in both appearance and demeanour, and they enjoy spending time with you. You have a way of making others laugh and always looking for the fun in the little things.

Natural nudes and soft pinks

You are simultaneously kind, amiable, innocent, and mature. You have a propensity for empathy and sympathy for other people, and you're not afraid to take a risk, especially when it entails placing your trust in others.

Although you can be a little shy, once you open up, people adore your friendly disposition.

Berry and plums

You have little trouble displaying your culture, independence, dependability, and drive while remaining daring and bold. You want to attract attention in a classy way, not just another face in the crowd.

You become the person your friends turn to for advice on all things fashionable because of how quickly you can transition from brunch and museums to gothic and nerdy.

Beautiful blacks

You have no trouble displaying your dark side, whether it's in the deepest purples, the purest blacks, or the most sinister reds.

Even though you like other people's company, you have a tendency to be the kind of person that doesn't get along well with everyone. You might be intimidating and seem unapproachable. Additionally, you have little trouble expressing your thoughts.


You place practicality above most other considerations, forgoing lip colour in favour of a clear or barely coloured lip balm. You tend to follow the rules and are a mature, adaptable person.

Your natural lips are something you own with a quiet sort of confidence, and you're determined to be who you are and not let other people change who you are.

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