Zodiac Have The Hardest Time Finding Love

Rising Leo

It might surprise you that this placement signifies finding love later in life because the Sun rules Leos, who are renowned for having the ability to follow their hearts.

The relationship sector of a Leo Rising's life is under the control of Saturn. Due to the fact that Saturn is the Lord of Time and Karma, numerous karmic lessons are frequently taught at the hands of this planet.

For a Leo rising, a lot of these lessons revolve with having the upper hand in a relationship, valuing outward looks more than inner qualities, and making snap judgements.

Making sure that you are picking a partner who is good for you, not simply one who looks nice to you, and that you are enabling your spouse to completely show up and be themselves are both crucial for overcoming this. You will be able to completely feel the kind of love you desire after you are able to grasp these principles.

Cancer Rising

Your relationships are governed by Saturn, just like Leo Risings, thus learning some significant lessons about yourself will be just as vital as applying karmic teachings.

As the zodiac's protector and nurturer, you can sometimes lack limits in relationships. This may even be considered the emergence of codependent tendencies, in which case your feelings may be closely related to those of your partner. You won't be able to be happy if they aren't.

You value boundaries highly. This entails being cautious not to over-promise or over-give to your partner, sacrificing yourself for the benefit of the union. Once you put this into practise and realise that your needs are important, too, love will suddenly become everything you've always imagined it to be.

7th house with Saturn

The main planet that can be problematic for relationships is Saturn since it indicates that you will feel more constrained in making progress in this area.

In astrology, committed relationships are governed by the seventh house. If Saturn is in this house, you will experience more lessons in love than other people.

There can be a never-ending list of partners, making it feel like you are still seeing the same person or that nothing you do appears to make things better.

Your attention should be on you and your own healing, as Saturn in the seventh house suggests. No lover, no matter how wonderful they are, will be able to assist you in developing or overcoming challenges in your own life.

You will be more able to handle this difficult situation the more you can learn from your previous connections, particularly those you watched as a child.

Saturn square Venus

Because it sets such a great value on joy and love, this astrological aspect is among the most difficult ones to understand. Early on, these may be sought after in relationships rather than internal goals.

As a result, you could experience feelings of loneliness, self-isolation, and disappointment because it seems like everyone else can have what you desire so badly. But this component teaches us to value and appreciate ourselves.

You will depend less on others for support the more you realise what you are capable of. By doing this, you transform your energy to one that is more assured, which will inevitably draw the relationship you have always yearned for.

Saturn opposite Venus 

This feature is especially unpleasant since it implies that, at least in the beginning of your life, you will have to spend a lot of time by yourself.

Saturn, which rules over boundaries and solitude, and Venus, which rules over happiness and love, are at war with one another.

Being alone can appear preferable because it feels like love is elusive under this perspective; you might even convince yourself that you don't desire a relationship.

Being truthful with yourself and allowing vulnerability to exist in your romantic relationships are important lessons to learn from this feature.

You will never genuinely get what you say you desire if you constantly work to protect yourself from it. Instead, it involves tearing down those defences and having faith in someone enough to open out to them.

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