Zodiac Signs That Are Terrible At Relationships


In actuality, your relationship was already over before it even began. You never gave it the consideration and attention that a relationship deserves.

Your partner was never a part of your plans, you pretended to be astonished when he got in touch with you even though you fully anticipated him to disappear, and you never seemed to be interested in maintaining a committed relationship. Playing it cool is acceptable, but not to the point where you completely exclude a potential spouse from your life.


To make sure that a potential spouse has been thoroughly screened, you have a very complex set of tests and trials.

The issue is that you spend so much time trying to determine whether someone is suitable for a relationship that they finally lose patience and conclude it's not worth putting up the effort to demonstrate their suitability for your attention. Sometimes you just have to let things happen and take a leap of faith.


You kept your choices open with your partner because you didn't want to experience "buyer's remorse." You didn't want to be committed if a better opportunity presented itself.

What if you were in a relationship when you found the one? You dislike it when others behave emotionally erratically. Keep someone at a distance; if things don't work out and your relationship doesn't develop into something serious, there's no harm done.


He was up up and honest when he said he wasn't interested in a relationship, but you had faith that he would change his mind after spending time with you and getting to know you. Though he didn't.

He was truthful; you weren't truthful with yourself. Because they present a challenge and you want to win the relationship games, you are unable to choose them. The next time, take someone's word for it when they say they aren't interested in a relationship and go on.


You made a sound and healthy decision to stop things because you were too busy and insufficient to waste time on almosts.

You understand that you are the total package and that settling for less harms no one. You won't be unmarried for very long because you have a magnetic personality and are very gorgeous.


You two weren't interacting well because you were in different stages of life. It's best that you went your separate ways for the time being; perhaps you'll cross paths again in the future and things will be more in harmony.

You shouldn't try to force a connection, especially if neither party possesses the necessary emotional reserves to forge a long-lasting tie.


You two weren't being yourself because you were both trying so hard to avoid saying or doing the wrong thing. You weren't being open or vulnerable, so it was hard for you two to be in a relationship.

Being sensitive to another person's feelings is admirable, but not to the point where it prevents you from being yourself.


At the beginning of the relationship, things became really intense immediately, but they also swiftly died down.

But other than a strong sexual desire, you didn't really have anything in common. Simply put, there wasn't enough to start a relationship with, and once you were both satisfied, you realised that the connection would never go beyond a sexual release.

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