Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Husbands


Because he is trustworthy, an Aries man makes a good husband. Being honest is crucial in a relationship. Being so forthright about everything makes him someone you can trust. All of his cards are on the table when he is with you.

He can be a little direct in his honesty (no honey, you're meant to be kind when I ask whether I look big in my dress! however, it's uplifting. You'll never have to wonder about his goals in the relationship with you. He'll even inform you before you have a chance to wonder.


A Taurus man makes a good husband because of his loyalty. When he joins your squad, he stays there forever. He won't falter, even if your team is occasionally difficult to be a part of. He understands how crucial being trustworthy is and won't jeopardise it.

His principles simply wouldn't let such. He's the kind of dependable individual who would consistently attend the bowling league you signed him up for over the course of a year. He also despises bowling.

But he is present. You won't ever have to worry about being let down by him. A Taurus husband abhors disappointing the ones he cares about. He is a pure blue guy, and you will KNOW when he is in love with you.


Being loving makes a Gemini man a good spouse candidate. And not just with hugs and kisses; more to the point of always making you feel like Gisele Bundchen.

When he is with you, he epitomises lovey-dovey behaviour. Even if PDA isn't your thing, it's difficult to resist his tenderness.

It's not bad to feel supermodel-like when you first get out of bed. He'll be your biggest supporter and flatterer. Additionally, if you ever need to be lifted back up, he will be there.


Because he is sentimental, a Cancer man makes a good husband. There are advantages to being sweeter than a Hershey chocolate bar. You had better believe he has something prepared if there is an anniversary or other occasion to commemorate.

He will ALWAYS try to recall special tiny moments you two experienced together. If he forgets, he'll dry your tears and make it up to you. He is incredibly sentimental and is aware of how to keep your heart safe.

He will find a method to surprise or wow you if he has the chance to. He's also not embarrassed to express his feelings in public, which is adorable!


A Leo man is a good candidate for marriage because he is brave. He is as courageous as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones (albeit there aren't any white-walkers or dragons in the modern world). He's a contemporary knight in shining armour because he likes chivalry.

By his side, you'll never feel threatened or uncomfortable. He will support you like a rock. Many people, including you, are in awe of his boldness because it makes him look superhuman. He never gives up on anything. He won't go away if your relationship encounters a snag.


A Virgo man is a good husband because he works hard. He strives for his goals, thus he is an example of success. He will inspire you and wow you with his tenacity.

A Virgo man would never make you fear going through difficult circumstances. With his relentless work ethic, he will dispel any lingering worries and prove to you that he is in it for the long haul.

You may be sure that he would put up limitless effort to correct any problems and improve any circumstances. A Virgo man makes promises he intends to keep for LIFE.

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